Why I accept payment in Bitcoin

Many of you have asked Me if the payment they make to Me are safe.
Not so much in the sense of the risk of fraude, but much more out of concern that the payment could raise questions from their partner.

I always could honestly confirm that these payments are safe indeed, as they are made in the name of Digitopress. Sounds very neutral, doesn’t it?

But I am always open for even better solutions: Bitcoin!

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slave, sub or wannabe?


“Mem goddess u are a queen and I born to serve you my lady you are gorgeous”

“Yes my til my life I want to serve u”

“l will always obey your every request dear mistress Rachele but will you please post more of your divine photos, sorry if l disturb you, l adore you anyway and forever.”

Many men present themselves to Me as slave, prepared to do everything for Me.
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