Chastity device: determine your right fit

For a chastity device made of hard materials like metal (Chrome, RVS, Aluminium) it is important to choose the right size so that it limits the good hard erection, but it doesn’t squeeze the balls or ballsack with all consequences of it.
A cockring too small may cause wounds to the ballsack, while a cockring too wide may allow escape or even fall off.

Most chastity devices are available in different sizes: 40, 45, 50 and 55 mm. in diameter. Some models are even available in 60 mm.
Some manufacturers deliver different sizes, e.g. 41, 44, 48, 51 or 55 mm., this is due to original sizing in inches.

Most men overestimate the size of their penis. It is quite embarrassing to have to change the cockring for a smaller size, isn’t it, boys?
So, what’s the correct size that will fit you?

Which size is best to order?

To find out which size cockring fits you best, you can do the following.
Make sure your penis gets hard. Usually that’s the moment you’re getting at the point of an erection while masturbating.
Measure with a cord or shoestring the circumference of the penis right behind the ballsack.

To determine the diameter of the right cockring, divide your measurement by 3.14 (pi). To make sure the cockring will have good effect, reduce the diameter with 3 tot 4 milimeter.
That’s the diameter for your perfect fit cockring.


With a cord or shoestring you measure a circumference of 15 cm. Dividing this by 3.14 makes 4,78 cm i.e. rounded this is 48 mm diameter. Deduct 3 to 4 mm and you’ve got the right diameter / size of your cockring. In this example you would need 45 mm.


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