For how long is your dick now locked in that chastity device? One month, two?
And you want an orgasm? How desperate are you, slaveboy? How much is it worth to you?
The only one who has the key is… Me!

I love to control men sexually as well. It gives Me such a powerful sensation to know that I am the only One who decides whether you will have an orgasm or not.
Will I let you? Probably not…

chastity kayholding

My Keyholding Arrangements

How long do you think you can serve Me without an orgasm? A week, a month, two or three months?

I will enter into an agreement with you where I will hold your key. I will chat with you to tease you, arrouse you, I will drive you crazy! I will make you beg for a release. But will I let you?

Chat+ BlackmailExtreme
I will chat with you at regular intervals to tease you, arrouse you, drive you crazy.

I will make it very “hard” for you to endure your chastity, haha!
But you will, won’t you? you will, because I tell you to!

you will do EVERYTHING for a release… But will I let you?

Next to chat, I will tighten My control over you by blackmailing you.

There will be no escape for you, I will have complete power over you.
And with complete, I mean COMPLETE.
you may try to escape, but I hold all the cards,
I have compromising matrerial about you.
I have the names, emailaddresses and telephone numbers of the important people in your life.
And… I will not hesitate to contact them, to share this information with them.

you don’t believe Me? Try Me… if you dare…

you love to take it to the extreme? Then you’re with the right Lady.

Next to chatting and blackmailing you, I will make you pay Me substantial amounts.
Financial Rape and blackmail give Me such a sensation of absolute power!

I will make you crawl and beg Me for mercy… But mercy doesn’t fit the extreme, does it?

Extreme festishes are different for each person. Therefore I tailor this to your “needs”.
Ask Me about it.

Based on the period of time you want to serve Me and the type of keyholding I will decide on your tribute to Me.
If you beg Me for an early release, that will cost you! And yet, I alone will decide whether or not I will allow you such early release.

To give you an idea of your tribute to Me:

  • 1 week: € 50
  • 1 month: € 150
  • each additional month: + € 100
  • 1 year: € 1000

The cost of an early release depends on the time left under the agreement.
When you beg Me for an early release, I will tell you My price, hahaha…


Apply for My keyholding contract.

Read the diary of My caged slave mike

slave mike has begged Me to hold the keys to his chastity device. Read his story.

you have no chastity device yet?

you must have a chastity device prior to entering into an agreement with Me. If you don’t have one yet, then buy one and make sure it fits well.

But… that’s easier said than done. If you are new to chastity devices, choosing the device that suits you best may be a real quest.

you can read about choosing the right type of chastity device and the right size on various websites. I find the following links usefull: and

Don’t rush, make sure you measure carefully.

Once you have your chastity device, I love to hold your key!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you control me remotely? Do i have to send the keys to you?

That would be too easy to fool Me. There are so may ways that you could keep a copy of the key with you.

Perhaps I’ll send you a lock without a key… Wait and see. But believe Me, I have ways to control you 100% safe, with no option to escape unnoticed.

Can i ask for an early release if i have not opted for it?
Well, you can ask… you probably will… But you won’t get it!! No matter how hard you’ll beg…
I love to hear you begging, hahaha!
What does the combination with blackmail mean?
If you decide for whatever reason to break the lock, I will not hesitate to share compromising material with people close to you.

you will provide me with this compromising material and the list of significant people yourself prior to the start of the agreement.

What happens if my cage falls off?
Then its over. you won’t get a refund, it is just over. So you’d better make sure it doesn’t fall off!
So if you’re new to chasity, take your time to get the right fit. Don’t rush as it may easily lead to disappointment for both of us.

I need proof that it indeed fell off and you didn’t break it.
How? I’ll tell you with the occasion.

What happens if i break the lock?
If you have opted for the combination with blackmail, I will not hesitate to share the compromising material I have from you.

If you did not opt for blackmail, then it is just over and I will not consider a new arrangement with you. I expect total obedience.
slaves that don’t obey Me I will punish severly. In the case of breaking the lock My punishment is sending you away.

keyholding daily check