Online Instructions

I will dominate you during the next 4 weeks, so that you can proof that you are worthy to become My slave.
I will send you online instructions that you must carry out promptly and then report back to Me.

you will be Mine for the next 4 weeks. Day and night I will be on your mind.

I will make you beg for more. With each Instruction you will become more and more under My spell!

Be warned, I WILL own you!

submit to Me, old man

How does it work?

you may choose for either 8 or 15 instructions.

If you prefer 8 instructions, I will send them twice a week during 4 weeks, and you’ve got 3 days to report back to Me.
I keep a close eye on your performance, slave!
The tribute is € 40.

Or you may opt for 15 instructions: I will send you an instruction every other day and you must report back to me each other day!
This way you are under My strict regime for 30 days. The tribute is € 65.

Each training comes with some photo’s of Me, an audio file and in some cases a video message as well.
I may also decide to give additional instructions next to these regular ones, or call you for a chat with Me.

Do you want to try?

Why don’t you just try one instruction? It’s free!
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Choose your training

EroticHumiliationSissy slutHelplessExtreme
All men are weak, just because of their useless little dicks.

I will control your sex life and drive you nuts… you will crave for an orgasm, but will I allow you to have one? Do I believe you’ve deserved it? And even so, will I allow you to have one? Or shall I have you wait for another week or so?

you want it soooo badly, so badly… hmmmmm…
you will do everything to have that single orgasm, won’t you?!

I will drive you crazy, and I will take full advantage of your menly weakness!

you pathetic little man…

you mean nothing to Me, absolutely nothing! I will humiliate you, about your tiny dick, your useless life. I will crush you under My boots like a cockroach.

I will make you crawl like a worm, bark like a dog. I will make you lick the dirt from the sole of My boots.

I will make you feel miserable, and you will enjoy it… a lot, haha!

But I will respect your privacy, so no public humiliation.

you like the soft touch of sexy lingerie, the sensational feeling of stockings on your legs? Applying lipstick and perhaps nail polish?

you fantasize about you being a beautiful woman?

you are in safe wands.
As a dominant Lady I have lots of experience of transforming tough guys into obedient sissies.

With My online instructions I will not enforce you to big investments in purchasing female attire…, unless that is what you want.

So you dream about being at the mercy of a harsh Mistress? Surrendering to a young, beautiful but arrogant Lady?

I will play with you like a cat does with a mouse: you poor little creature have no chance to escape.

I will make you feel small and irrelevant, accepting your inferiority and need for a strong alpha Goddess that I am!

you like public humiliation? you are in need of real filthy instructions, getting deeply humiliated?

I demand cart blanche. you will obey EVERY order! No hesitation or I will punish you SEVERELY!
Distance is a non-issue for Me: I know how to punish you, whereever you are. you can’t hide for Me, you can’t escape Me!
Believe Me: real punishment starts when your limits are crossed…

Be warned: I take this serious. You must have completed at least My Humiliation  AND My Helpless online instructions to My satisfaction before I will enter into this service with you!

Serve Me

Fill out this form NOW!
(Make sure you read and agree to My Terms & Conditions!)


Payments are safe and reliable, via creditcard, iDEAL, Bancontact, SofortBanking, Bitcoin or Western Union, and in the neutral name of Digitopress.

I don’t use PayPal, as I have had too many bad experiences with them.

submit to Me, old man
Make sure you pay the correct amount AND with the exact Reference!

Not until your payment is confirmed, I will send you My first Instruction!

Let others convince you…

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Still wondering?

Try one of My instructions, it’s free!
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