Online Instructions

I will dominate you during the next 4 weeks, so that you can proof that you are worthy to become My slave.
I will give you online instructions that you must carry out promptly and then report back to Me.

you will be Mine for the next 4 weeks. Day and night I will be on your mind.

I will make you beg for more. With each Instruction you will become more and more under My spell!

Be warned, I WILL own you!

submit to Me, old man

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How does it work?

You will receive the tasks by email, and I expect you to report back to Me on each task. In turn I may respond again to you.
(Make sure to add Me to your addressbook, so that my tasks don’t end up in your spambox. Or I’ll have to punish you.πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ˆ)

Sending the tasks is automated and in a predefined schedule that I cannot change once started.
The fun for Me is not in sending the tasks – that’s why it’s automated – but in receiving your reports and responding to you. It’s the interaction that I like, that brings the fun.

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You can pay in EUR, USD or GBP,Β  and I offer a wide variety of payment methods. Prices mentioned here in USD are indicative and small diffrerences may occur at checkout.

Payments are safe and reliable, through all major creditcards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and through many leading local payment methods like iDEAL or Bancontact.
I don’t use PayPal, as I have had too many bad experiences with them. And no Bitcoins or other cryptos.

Payments are handled through My Digitopress payment site.
For maximum neutral appearance all payments are in the name of Digitopress, and training programs are specified as “Training XYZ” rather than the actual names on this website.

Your payment details remain with the payment service provider and are not shared with Me.

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you pathetic little man…

you mean nothing to Me, absolutely nothing!
I will humiliate you, about your tiny dick, your useless life.
I will crush you under My boots like a cockroach.

I will make you crawl like a worm, bark like a dog.
I will make you lick the dirt from the sole of My boots.

In 15 tasks I'll show you your place, loser!
A full month, every other day, you will learn to live and breath for Me, haha!

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

So you dream about being at the mercy of a harsh Mistress?
Surrendering to a young, beautiful but arrogant Lady?

I will play with you like a cat does with a mouse: you poor little creature have no chance to escape.

I will make you feel small and irrelevant, accepting your inferiority and need for a strong alpha Goddess that I am!

During a full month - 15 tasks, every other day - I'll strip you from your freedom.

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

You like the soft touch of sexy lingerie, the sensational feeling of stockings on your legs? Applying lipstick and perhaps nail polish?

You fantasize about you being a beautiful woman?

You are in safe hands.
As a dominant Lady I have lots of experience of transforming tough guys into obedient sissies.

With 8 online instructions (2 per week) I will not enforce you to big investments in purchasing female attire…, unless that is what you want.

Price: € 50,00 ($ 54.45)

All men are weak, just because of their useless little dicks.

I will control your sex life and drive you nuts... you will crave for an orgasm, but will I allow you to have one?
Do I believe you've deserved it?
And even so, will I allow you to have one?

You want it soooo badly, so badly... hmmmmm... you will do everything to have that single orgasm, won't you?!

In 15 tasks I will drive you crazy, and I will take full advantage of your manly weakness!

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

Done the Starter training, Ready for more?

In this training I will teach you even further how small and piddling you are, and how you can reform your life by making Me - or another Dominant Lady - the center of your existence.

In 15 tasks I will push your limits, as only then you will really learn something and will you be able to change your life for the better.
I will teach you to obey instantly, blindly, without hesitation.

Obeying at the snap of My fingers.

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

In another 15 tasks I will teach you absolute obedience, you will understand that nothing is yours anymore.

You are Mine, and each and every part of your pathetic slavebody belongs to Me!
And I will (ab)use this mercilessly to My benefit, haha.

You will be completely helpless!

I lov'it! Power and Control are My absolute thrills!!

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

Since My first training you've got what it takes to be a real sissy slut.

Now I will complete your feminization: you wlll become a lovely little slut where I will be actively looking for the holes...

And... I will send you out...
Scary? Perhaps, but I'll make it exciting, too. And I'll make sure it all remains safe.

15 Instructions, you can choose if you want to do the tasks in 1 or 2 months.

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

So, you think sex is important? you are right! But... it is not about the pleasure of the male, but about that of the Female. First Us, and then - may be - you. May be not...

In another 15 tasks I will teach you to drastically improve your sexual skills in favour of Us, Women, Who pass on life!

you have so much to learn...

Price: € 80,00 ($ 87.12)

Let others convince you…

Training review

β€œ - Mistress FABIOLA's training is very systematically training. -Mistress is very smart and very strict during training. -Slaves are need to honest , to obey, to report in time all orders as she commanded to become perfect slave. -slaves r requied to do without mistake and requires her orders to read thoroughly. If slave r mistake, Mistress may give punishments depands on mistake. -Mistress Fabiola has very powerfull mind and she knows very well how to handle to all slaves. -If slave have mistake, slaves can not hide or can not run away and she can catch in any situation. -Slave requires to clean the body infront of her. Mistress very angry if slaves r dirty. -As my mind, if mistress allow me to appointed as her slave /servant , I can work for washing her underpants,her all cloths, clean her home , assist for cooking, as her driver, and any other as she orders. -All training are very well for myself and I improved as obedient slave . -As finally, Mistressv is my owner,my queen,my goddess, my mistress, my boss ,my best teacher. TQ very much for allowable to review in her page. I worshipping every second”
- Max Leyla

30days under correction

β€œ Hallo Mistress Fabiola and who's gonna read this comments... I spent my last month under the control of the amazing Mistress Fabiola, who spent time and ideas to manage my correction in this period of my life. Im a young man lets say, living a good life, visits bars and clubs, and all the time i was only focus to bring girls home, use them for my pleasure and then bye bye. I needed to stop it to mature and my kinky pushed me to search for someone who could control my animal insticts.Real life results, here comes Mistress Fabiola with her program of erotic domination, strong and focused tasks to make me feel like the girls i used; that me too i deserve to be trated and humiliated as i did for so long with women. It requires efforts and strong will, but there's something, in the way Mistress Fabiola controls you, its interesting, fascinating, and pushes you to do stuff that were some of your limits. She teased me from far away, i've been loyal to her for my choice, but she didn't put limits in my vanilla life, she respected my space without asking the impossible; and i really appreciated that. I also bought a chastity device and try to wear it for her, sign of respect and devotion. Is another kind of control and i'm still "in progress" as her submissive/slave. Was a real plesure serving you Mistress, stunning in the pics where you are so Dominant and powerfull, hope to discover more of your style of domination in the future. I knee for you know writing this message. yoursub UnderControlOf”
- UnderControlOf

Mistress Fabiola dominates

β€œ I enjoyed serving Mistress Fabiola online. She really enjoys dominating men and humiliating them.”
- slave m

Sissyslut instructions

β€œ It's a priviledge to have served Mistress Fabiola sissyslut instructions .they are tempting and mindbreaking .after a few instructions you feel the urge to serve the Beatyfull Mistress and obey here every command.breaking your boundry's for such a Doninant Lady in inevitable but worth the reward of a smile on Mistress Fabiola's pretty face.”
- Ben slaaf

Mistress Fabiola in controle

β€œ Mistress Fabiola's online task I realy enjoyed to give myself over to the beautyfull Mistress Fabiola and completing every task in the programme, with every task i feld more and more drawn to the power and dominance of Mistress Fatale .each task is very wel though off and shows great experience of Mistress Fabiola .for shore i'll take on Mistress Fabiola next programme that i have to complete .”
- Ben slaaf

Online instructions did work out great

β€œ Although i had a bit of doubt wether online instructions would be "my piece of cake" i decided to surrender tot the online training of Mistress Fabiola and i must admit: online instructions are not my favourite, but Mistress does a great job making them as good as they come. It was good to able to serve Her this way: hopefully it could be a preparation for more...”
- jacob

Great training

β€œ First of all, wow! Lady Fabiola is a very good looking mistress who can be very dominant. I made the choise to do 2 assignments every week. The assignments doesnt toke a lot of time, but i thought 24/7 about Lady Fabiola. Her assignments were totally different every time, but one thing is for sure , they Hurt or they are humiliating. Ofcourse you would do everything for Lady Fabiola. So dont think about it, try it!”
- Jb

Under my skin

β€œ For 30 days I've been punished and humiliated, for 30 days I've felt the presence of Lady Fabiola Fatale in my mind, her strong muscles guiding my own hand, her extreme Dominance breaking my own will, forcing me to execute all 15 realistic and very concise tasks. She was there all the time, hitting my balls, my glans, flushing the toilet over my head, she was in the shop while the male vendor advised me on the pink ladies' underwear to buy, or in the park, searching for nettles... at home, pointing her sharp heels in my neck, while this worm was struggling to do his push-ups. Thank you Lady Fabiola!”
- youki


β€œ Hello Lady Fabiola Fatal, I had the privilege for recieving 8 humiliation instructions in 30 day's. I become immediately addicted to your instructions and i could not wait untill the next instruction. I was, and still am thinking off you all the time, waiting for you to obey you. Its like your in my head and you put me under your spell. I even bought another online training session now for 15 instructions when i was still busy whit my first training. Thank you Mistress Fabiola. Greetings Your slave steven xxx.”
- steven

30 days under controll

β€œ I have done the 30 days under mistress she made me feel completely submiseve and humiliated me in ways ive never had thankyou.”
- rhys

Experiencing the mistress

β€œ During te last 30 days I had a great experience with mistrtess Lady Fabiola Fatale. She put me through some extremely interesting assignments . The instrtuction were varied and I personally liked the ones that gave me some additional pain on top of the humiliation. Thank you very much Lady Fabiola Fatale.”
- onderdeur

My first 30 days

β€œ This was my first venture into this world of submission. Lady Fabiola made clear the first email my place what is expected of me and the process as it will happen. She was engaged in my training was clear on what is expected of her new slave and showed me what it is to be a slave. Some of the tasks were difficult but all can be done and I strived to do her bidding and please her. When I joined the group she was engaged and always commented when I posted a completed task as required. This has been a true learning experience under the practiced watchful eye of Lady Fabiola and she tailored the training based on my slave form I filled out. She took the time to instruct followed up when I had a question and truly made this a honest experience. I am now fully under her control and as my last task approached I could not stop and fear of not being under her control was building. When I questioned this she quickly responded and allowed me the opportunity to further my training. Now I will be signing up for 15 more lessons under her helpless program and I now more after that. My first 30 days I was trained and am now fully under her control and I feel that I will be for a long time coming. This has been the greatest experience of my life and I cannot wait to see what she has in store next. I hope for some women's panties in the next one. I cannot wait. If you are looking for a real mistress to train you see the best online Goddess my Lady Fabiola”
- John Jones

A True Goddess

β€œ Mistress Fabiola delivers everything advertised and more. I could feel her presence in the room dominating me even though it was an online instruction. I hope she is pleased with my results and I can start serving Mistress on a regular basis.”
- Tim S.

Great 30 days and 8 tasks

β€œ Dear Lady Fabiola, Thank You for great 30 days and 8 tasks. The tasks were diverse, fun, and challenging. Then of course there was pain and humiliation and let us not forget submission. It was always with excitement that I waited and then read the instructions. Completing the tasks was exciting and then posting the proof was rewarding in another way altogether inducing feelings of vulnerability and submission. Your pet alon thor”
- Alon Thor

Goddess Fabiola

β€œ Lady Fabiola is the most amazing Mistress. Her online training is perfect, you will be under her spell, you will want to serve and please her. Lady Fabiolas tasks will humiliate you and she will make you her total slave. I cant wait to serve Lady Fabiola in real life. I will always adore her. Best thing ive ever done truly the best 30 days of my life.”
- John

Just the Beginning

β€œ I have just successfully completed my first set of online instructions with Lady Fabiola. Anxiously awaiting each task, the unknown of when and what kept me on edge. Some I completed immediately others having to plan put me in a state of submission constantly thinking of Mistress. Each task seemingly independent but actually a brick in the foundation building up to the final climax. Having found the perfect Mistress, Lady Fabiola, I no longer aimlessly search the internet but focus on serving her. My intentions are to complete additional sets of online instructions then graduating to Chat, Cam or Keyholding. I worship thee Lady Fabiola.”
- ts

Serving Mistress Fabiola

β€œ I adore her. She is an enigma. She is actually quite kind and supportive. But don't for one moment think she looks on you as anything but a maggot who is best naked and on his knees. The training experience can stretch one's limits. You may end up doing things you never thought you'd do. In one instance, I could not accomplish a task for physical reasons, but found an alternative that provided equal amounts of discomfort and humiliation. She wrote to tell me how proud she was of me. She is also beautiful. What I would do to hump those gorgeous legs. And those blue eyes you are ordered to look into as you satisfy her demand to ejaculate- they are penetrating. I still recite the prayer I wrote for her and I will always long to be her loyal slave- to be at her beck and call or to sit naked in a cage while she ignores me. I am- hers.”
- Slave R

Sign me up - Again

β€œ Thank You Lady Fabiola for providing such enjoyable online training options. Having done both the 8 and 15 task option and absolutely recommend the 15. The 15 tasks keep you constantly anticipating, planning and executing over the course of the 30 days. Each task, crafted specifically for you, provides emotional highs and lows I have never experienced before. Follow as instructed to maximize your experience. I look forward to my next 15.”
- ts

Great humiliation tasks

β€œ Dear Lady Fabiola, Thank You Lady Fabiola for some great humiliation tasks, i think humiliation is one of the trickiest BDSM areas as it is so individual and there is less flexibility in the subs mind for degrees of humiliation. The standout humiliation for me was the buy panties task and the linked follow up task. The butt plug was also difficult and humiliating. Thank You again, Your pet alon thor”
- Alon Thor

Thank You Goddess

β€œ I really loved this 30 days under Lady Fabiola's training. I couldn't wait to get the next Task everytime, and every one of them throwed me deeper and hornier into my slave condition. I'm forever Yours, Goddess.”
- Glokta

Sissy instruction training

β€œ Great training, with challenging instructions. Very well executable even when living together with other people.”
- Fluitje

Erotic online session

β€œ I have tried Lady Fabiolas online femdom. I tried 8 intruction during 30 days. It has been really exciting. When I have done one instruction, I wait and count the days to my next instruction. Lady Fabiola made me do thing I have not tried before, but she did not push the limits to far, perfect. I have also realized that Lady Fabiola hade a plan with the intructions, sometimes Lady Fabiola made me do things in one instruction that was preparation for the next one. This is my first experience of online femdom, I am really suprised how exciting it was and how eager I was to fulfill the instructions. Thanks to Lady Fabiola for an erotic and exciting month.”
- Johan

comment on your instructions

β€œ very well”
- claude fouard

Lady Fabiola is amazing

β€œ I loved the 8 online humiliation sessions. Receiving the new instructions a Couple times a week was perfect. Never knew what to expect except it was going to be something humiliating and that I needed to show Ms. Fabiola. Her sessions are top notch and a great value. I highly recommend. And she’s also very beautiful to look at as well. I hope to be able to serve in person in Holland some day.”
- cockroach

Craving for more

β€œ For me, online domination is something new, despite me tried other BDSM in real life. But, this online domination with Lady Fabiola Fatale keeps me on my toes and getting me excited and curious for what to happens for next instruction. I began with 8 instructions. After 2 instructions, the cravings and desperations for Lady Fabiola's tasks made me subscribed to further 15 instructions although I havent completed mine. However, Lady Fabiola has to remind me to hold on to my horniness and follow her regime as she slowly molds me into her slave. But, frankly I do admit that it is very exciting and satisfying when I receive her email instruction. I think I can continue on with further instructions......but I am not sure how long will be my slavery under Lady Fabiola? Hopefully I didn't dissappoint Lady Fabiola so as to entitle me to continue further under her commands. But, I also wish that Lady Fabiola can think of instructions that can keep me on my toes during the interval between tasks, so that I can always be "worried", "anxious", horny for her...”
- Slutty Eden

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