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My BDSM Lifestyle

In this group I share My day-to-day activities with My subs, slaves and sissies.

Which chastity for you?

How long would you be able to bear this Spiked Chastity for Me?

Enjoying My meal

Would you like to sit next to Me?! What would be the theme of our conversation?

Work hard for Me, slave!

The sheer power rush of taking hard earned money from a slave is immense

How long will I keep you in My Cage?

You are completely subject to My mercy. When will I let you go?

My Sissy

In this group I share how I handle My sissies and train them to be real sluts.

Teaching My Ex a lesson

My Ex hasn't been practicing enough with her dildo. So time for a lesson...

SissyTask: Cum eating

Sissy Arianne made Me proud again!

Sissy Alberta serving Me well

Being submissive towards Me comes naturally to her. I like it!

Live Stream with slavegirl Destiny and My Bull

Slavegirl Destiny was used hard by Me and the Bull. The audience asked for many tasks!

My personal slaves

My personal slaves are My property, I own them and they obey Me unconditionally.

The audience was very active in suggesting what I should do with My slave.
What would the audience of the live stream suggest I do to My slave?
It is great to be so close to My legs, heels and stockings.
I trained him to do all My chores. No more cleaning, no more ironing.

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