My BDSM Lifestyle

In this group I share My day-to-day activities with My subs, slaves and sissies.

FemDom Gala in Athens

So good to meet some old friends and make new ones.

Shopping. Which dress should I choose?

A Lady like Me always wants new dresses. I want you to help Me choose.

Knock knock…

Would you like it if I would walk looking like this into your house?

Out in Amsterdam

This week I did an Amsterdam Canal tour. It was lovely.

My Sissy

In this group I share how I handle My sissies and train them to be real sluts.

Our Moslima slavegirl

Let's see if she's any good... Will she pass our test?

Slavegirl Destiny turned into a total slut

She get's fucked by one slave while giving a blowjob to another slave.

I’m quite puzzled…

An idea from one of My slaves, making a jigsaw 🧩 from one of My photo's.

This is what a real slut looks like

Do you want to become a real slut, too?

My personal slaves

My personal slaves are My property, I own them and they obey Me unconditionally.
Being in My presence, heaven for each slave...
An idea from one of My slaves, making a jigsaw 🧩 from one of My photo's.
I own them completely😈
Worship My feet, slave!

Additional Content

I often publish content at an additional charge that you may or may not want to participate in.
This content is open to both members and guests.
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