Hire a chastity

It is great to have your own chastity device. But if you don’t have already one, how to make sure you buy the right size that perfectly fits you?

As each man has a different length and thickness of his penis and size of balls, every man needs a different size of chastity. There are over 100 models of chastities, but there are only about 4 models fit for wearing longer periods of time. Experience tells us that on average 2 – 3 cockrings are purchased before the model fits perfectly.

With my guidelines how to determine the right size I am helping you, but it is not a quarantee for avoiding a bad buy.

As experienced Bdsm-Mistress I know the models that can be used for longer periods and I can advise you. you cannot try a chastity device in a store, and buy, try and send back is not accepted by online stores. Therefore, a few bad buys are common.

I have a starter’s kit Bon4M Plus (value € 238), with 2 cages and 7 cockrings. With the integrated hinge – connecting the cage with the cockring – the chastity device follows the moves of the body in a natural way during walking.

To make sure that you can start with the right model and size, you can rent a chastity kit with me. you can then experiment and discover your right sizes before buying your own chastity device.

Bon4 is an expensive brand, known for its excellent quality.
Do you rather try a CB6000 or a HolyTrainer? I have these, too.

I have a few interesting possibilities.

Option 1: Collect a Chastity + session

In a session I apply the chastity cage. you pay € 10 rent for the chastity device.
Of course you also pay for the session (€ 220 voor een uur), and I expect € 150 deposit, which you get back once you deliver it back after 2 weeks clean and in good shape. You also pay the regular fee for the keyholding.

Option 2: Send a Chastity

If you don’t want a session, I can send the chastity device to you. you pay € 10 huur, € 20 for international mail and € 200 depost, plus the regular fee for the keyholding.

Extra Options

There are other options possible, e.g. extending the period, or chatting with me.
Read all about my keyholding posibilities.