Retweet Game + Debt Contract

You are interested in a Debt Contract 📃 with Me? Very good!
But first: build your debt💸 with Me😈.

Let’s start with a Retweet game on Twitter. I have 40,000 followers, and they have followers too😈.
I post a lovely photo or short video from Me on Twitter, or – if you want to be exposed – some nasty photo’s from you. Each comment, retweet and like will increase your debt with $1, $2 or $3. After 12 or 24 hours I’ll determine the total debt you owe Me, and I’ll post that on Twitter.

I only do this with you if I’m convinced that you are serious. For that reason you must pay Me an initial tribute of €50 (or equivalent USD or GBP).
When I’ve received your tribute you can complete your request.

Then your debt… After the 12 or 24 hours I’ll determine how much you owe Me.
You’ll have to pay Me back in weekly installments.
Of course your debt is subject to interest as well as a compensation for My time to administer the debt and your installments.
I need to be sure you’ll pay Me back properly the full debt, so I’ll insist on security for Me. You can choose what type of security you’ll grant Me.
All these details I’ll share with you after payment of your initial tribute.

After the payment, you will receive an email with the link to complete your request.