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Financial Domination is not about money

Financial domination

There are many “mistress” around shouting for the paypigs, the cashcows, the walking ATM’s. Not My style.

For Me, Financial Domination is not about money. Not at all. It is about Power, complete Power!
The power to  persuade you to send Me your hard-earned money, and actually a bit more than would be sensible.
you know it is not smart to send so much money, and yet you’ll do it.
Not only because I tell you to do so, but because of the thrill.
A young georgeous, dominant Lady, telling you – a succesful businessman, probably in daily life boss of other people – to transfer such a large amount of money, more than you could justify.

I love Power, I love it a lot. For Me it is the thrill to control a man that in his ordinary life is a succesful man, probably wealthy and managing many other people. To Me that means NOTHING. To Me you are just a little man who I will humiliate, degrade, and make him pay Me his money.

Financial Domination to Me is a power game and requires mutual respect and trust. Assets that don’t come overnight but need to be gained.
I invest heavily in these assets.

If you dream about devoting (part of) your finances to a reliable but very strict and beautiful Lady, then try Me. I am an expert in “respectful humiliation and degradation”, I know how to mindfuck you in ways you can hardly imagine…

I will take your money with a smile and I will give you pride in return.
you will be proud to be My slave, proud that you have executed My commands that you didn’t even dare to dream of. See how far I have taken you.

I will set you free… and you will become addicted to Me.

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