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slave, sub or wannabe?


“Mem goddess u are a queen and I born to serve you my lady you are gorgeous”

“Yes my til my life I want to serve u”

“l will always obey your every request dear mistress Rachele but will you please post more of your divine photos, sorry if l disturb you, l adore you anyway and forever.”

Many men present themselves to Me as slave, prepared to do everything for Me.
Great, isn’t it?

A real slave?

None of these people have ever met Me, they have never spoken to Me.
Even worse, they actually are ignoring My rules that I have outlined on Facebook and on My website.

I don’t consider these people slaves, certainly not My slaves.
To Me, they are  not even subs, they are just wannabe’s. They are running after their own dick, seeking to fulfil their own erotic fantasies. To Me, there is noting submissive in their attitude at all.
Usually they pay no respect to Me and are very demanding in what they want.

I don’t judge them, but they are not the type of people I am interested in.
So if they would leave Me in peace, that would be perfectly okay with Me.

sub and slave

I am interested in serious subs and slaves. What the difference is? It is a matter of terminology, and perhaps My “definitions” don’t match yours. No problem, as long as you understand what I mean.

A slave’s focus is on Me

To Me a slave has only one purpose in life: Me, his Mistress. his focus is completely on Me, he is not seeking the fulfilment of his own desires and fantasies, but on My comfort, My desires and My pleasure.
he gets his pleasure from pleasing Me.

A true slave is a rare specimen and I will cherish him, but at the same time I am extremely harsh to keep him on his toes at all times. As soon as there would be a relief, he may loose his focus. No pleasure for My slave, unless he gets pleasure from pleasing Me.

I own various slaves that are available to Me whenever I need them. They have their own life – and I respect that – but at the same time they bring great sacrifices for Me. Not only financially – of course they do – but also in their daily rhythm and tasks.

Real slavery requires strict training and a harsh regime. Although many men pretend that this is what they really want, only few men are really capable of achieving this.

A sub is welcome, too

Most submissive men – and I do not consider the wannabe’s – go after the fulfilment of their own erotic desires. While in contact with Me they are respectful, but their contact is essentially about their own desires, their own pleasure.

That’s fine with Me. they are welcome to serve Me, I will provide them what they crave for – if their fantasies match My likes – and I respect their limits.
I will enjoy My time with them, and I hope that counts for both sides. But I know that next to Me they are following – and probably seeing – other Mistresses as well.

I enjoy both sub and slave

A sub is a free submissive man. Free to come and visit Me, and free to leave.
A slave is bound to Me, he is My property and his sole purpose in life is his servitude to Me.

That’s the way I want it. I don’t need many slaves. I’d rather have a few excellent slaves. Next to My slaves I want a herd of subs.

Are you a wannabe? Okay, but please respect My choice and look elsewhere.
Are you a sub or a slave? I look forward to train you and will enjoy My time with you.

you can serve Me online and in real life.