Financial Rape

So, you are fantasizing about being really raped financially?
Not a  one-time-only tribute or a small monthly fee, but serious money?

How serious are you really?

What is your desire?

Financial ControlAccount DrainingOwnershipBlackmail
I can take over the control over your bankaccounts and/or creditcards.

I will analyse your expenses and cut those that I consider luxury and unnecessary. you don’t need these anymore!
I will leave you a small weekly allowance, just enough to buy you the basic daily food.
What a great idea, isn’t it?

There are lots of ways I can achieve this.
Just a few examples:

  • your income is transferred to My account.
    Every month your salary is automatically transferred to My bankaccount.
  • I have your cards and PIN-codes physically in My possession.
    With your cards I will spend your hard-earned money, and every month the account is loaded again with your salary.

I expect each week a declaration of your expenses, accompanied with the receipts.
Late delivery or missing receipts = cut in the weekly allowance!

Let Me spend your hard-earned money faster than you can earn it!
Give Me an additional creditcard and off I go!
Don’t worry, I’ll send you photo’s when I am shopping and spending your money!

Or I will log into your computer and your bankaccount, watch your expenses and transfer money out of your account. How much I will take? Will I leave you in debt? That may well be!
you will not give Me access to your computer, you think? Wrong, you will!
I have ways of getting what I want, little man! Always!

I am an experienced TeamViewer user and know how to explore your harddisk, your cloud extenstions, how to find your passwords, how to add an administrator account and how to reconfigure your computer.
I WILL find compromising information and I WILL use it against it, if I have to. No doubt!
A bit of blackmail will certainly help…

Do you want to be owned by Me?
Really be called one of My slaves?
you can, little man… but it has a price tag…

I maintain regular online contacts through Skype and WhatsApp with My slaves. I am very selective in chosing My slaves as My time is precious. But if you are one of the selected few, you will have My attention, perhaps more than you would expect…

I expect a weekly fee of at least € 100. A higher fee means more of My attention, BUT: I and I alone decide about My time: when and how much!

That you pay Me a weekly fee does NOT imply that you can raise demands.
I am the only one who makes the decisions, and you’d better obey instantly! No matter how much you pay Me!

If you are selected, I will enter into a slavery contract with you.

As My slave I will contact you for My amusement, for your humiliation, degradation and training, and for you to work for Me. Yes, you will pay Me to be able to work for Me! Isn’t that great?!

(Read more what being a slave means to Me.)

Apply NOW!

The most serious type of Financial Exploitation, and My favorite!

Tell Me your little secrets, the fantasies that you never dared to share with anyone else. Or those acts that you have done and now make you feel so embarrassed. Tell Me your secrets, they are safe with Me, hahaha…

I will also search for compromising information about you so that you become even more caught in My web and dependent on My mercy. I will search on internet, explore your harddisks, your bankaccounts, I will search on places where your expected to be safe. But you are not. There is no place to hide.

Blackmail is My favorite.

Once I know your little secrets, you will be completely at My mercy.
I WILL abuse you when, wherever and in any form I want. you WILL do as I tell you, as I will not hesitate to share some secrets with some of your significant ones.
Imagine what would happen if I did…!

Blackmail is all about Power, and Power is My thrill!
To see you begging for My mercy, to see the fear in your eyes, the upcoming tears, I love it! I love to see the breaking of the “strong” man in you and you becoming completely molded to My will, hahaha!!

Come and tell Me, you can trust Me…


Stop fantasizing, apply NOW!

Fill out the form below. I will only consider your application once a tribute of at least € 100 has been confirmed.

If this value is too much for you, then Financial Rape is not for you. Consider the lighter form Financial Domination.

Once I have received both your application and your tribute I will set up a specialised financial rape program for and with you, where I will exploit you to the maximum!
Be warned, I won’t let go!

Tell Me the amount that you can be exploited each month. I will use that amount to set a target that you must achieve in the next 6 months.

If I am satisfied with your efforts for Me during these 6 months, I may extend My service for another 12 months with new and further tightened targets for you to achieve.
That decision is Mine (like any decision).

If you want to stop early, you are free to go once you have paid your bail out sum plus all outstanding ‘debts’ with Me.

you are Mine!

From the moment you have applied and paid your tribute you are Mine, and you will find out you have embarked in a roller coaster where feelings of fear and anxiety compete with arousal, servitude and horniness, with feelings of terror and panic.

That’s what you crave for, isn’t it, loserboy?

Than hurry up!!

Obey Me!
Lady Fabiola Fatale