Personal Slave Story – Day 25

The Importance of Punishment

I’ll dive deeper into the importance of My punishments.
Slaves deliver sloppier service over time. I need to keep My slaves on their toes, at all times.
That’s why I keep their fear for My punishments alive.

It’s not that I am a sadistic bitch who loves to beat the hell out of My slave.
Not at all, I love my slaves in My own special way.
But I just don’t accept it that My slave gets relaxed and delivers bad service to Me.

Fear is an important aspect in the training of My personal slave.
He must learn that I’m serious in My demands and that I’m not playing a game.
This is My lifestyle! As well as it will be yours😈.

If there is no fear for the punishment, than it’s not real punishment and it has no lasting effect.
Real punishment starts beyond the limits of My slave.
I respect limits, but growth lies in expanding your limits.
I’ll take you to places where you didn’t dare to go…

Getting scared?
Or are you still dreaming about serving Me as My personal slave?😈