Personal Slave Story – Day 10

Some words from humilis

Cutting my hair bold was a life changing experience for me.
I was scared to death, and afterwards we had a walk outside, in my own neighborhood!
But this really made me surrender completely to Her will.
I’m glad She did it.

When we returned home She cut my remaining hair.
Still quite a change to which I had to get used to.
She wants me to keep it bold for Her.

Actually, Lady Fatale is a very nice lady, a nice person to work and live for.
Yes, She can be harsh and demanding, but also is in for a good laugh and a good conversation.
She can be trusted at all times and in all situations.
She gives me great confidence and even pride.


Lady Fatale “baptized” me by peeing over my head.
i worship Her, for me She is a real Goddess.