Cuckolding VIP club – Day 16

Hi CUCKslut,

Again someone who loved My boobs.
He came all over them. 💦

But the floor got dirty as well, cus he had so much cum that it dripped off My boobs.
But the problem is, this is a B&B.. So we want the floor to be clean before we leave.

So I will make sure that you lick My boobs clean first.
And then you go on your pathetic little knees to clean the floor with your tongue as well, while I put My foot on your head to push you right into it! 💦😈🤣

I hope you don’t mind if I use your house next to let them fuck Me there! 😈
This way its even easier for you to clean the mess haha!! 🤣

You are not allowed to cum cuckie, you don’t deserve it haha!