Winning video

Watch the winning video of the last slave Contest.

October: HumiliationChristmas contest: Sissy slut
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The first task was to load their sperm in their underpants and wear it for 24 hours. They were not allowed to wash this underpants: it was their token of humiliation for this month, and they had to sniffle it 3 times each day.
No more orgasms during this contest…

I gave My slaves various tasks for the first 2 weeks.
Then in the final I let them load their sperm again in the same underpants, which they had to put on their head, with their sperm in their face.
With their balls tied to the radiator they had to approach Me – My photo – and say with each step “I worship you, Lady Fabiola Fatale”. They had to come as close as they could… to suffer as much as possible for Me.

Ultimately, they were allowed to thank and worship Me.

The Christmas contest was an extensive sissy slut training. In 10 instructions My sluts were constantly focussing on Me… and a bit on their own horny pleasure…

I recieved quite a number of video’s, some even more slutty than the others…
Sooo good to see all of you Obeying your Goddess!

Although the quality of the video is not that well, I liked the humor and Christmas wishes from this slut.
Congratulations, sissy! And who knows one day I will take your balls indeed…



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What My slaves tell Me

slave competition: great anticipation!

The slave contest is really nice: in the first week you get some assignments that make you curious and thinking all the time about Her. When the final assignment comes you are still surprised about it, but are more than happy to comply with Her request. I will definitely join again!
- Dan