Remote Teasing

Do you like being teased by Me? Of course I can do that by chat, webcam or call contact. But there are other effective and arrousing ways, where I can control you in places and on moments that you at least expect it.

remote teasingI am a big fan of remote teasing with the long-distance controlled products from Lovense: the Hush Butt Plug and the Nora Rabbit Vibrator.

With the app on My smartphone I can control the vibrator or buttplug that you are wearing… The moment, the intensity, it’s all up to Me!
Isn’t that great?!

Pure remote teasing, I lov’it!

remote teasing

How does it work?

You buy the Hush Butt Plug or the Nora Rabbit Vibrator.
Once you have received it, you ask Me for My Remote Teasing service via the form below.

But it is also great to combine it with My Keyholding service…

Request My Remote Teasing

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