My Projects

I have a few large projects that I want funding for. And that’s what slaves are for, isn’t it?

If you support Me in one of My projects I will make sure you get your share… in one of My very special ways…

My MansionMy CarMy Furniture

In a few years time I will buy Myself a large mansion. I will live in luxury with a number of 24/7 slaves living on My property in very basic accomodation.

That’s the way it should be!

In this mansion I will live My bdsm lifestyle 24/7, and you can join, in real life or online.

The right balance

The lifestyle of a Goddess and Mistress

For Me, the lifestyle is finding the right balance between living the life of a Goddess, served by My slaves, “working” as a Bdsm Mistress and receiving paying subs for sessions, and My privacy in My private life.

For that purpose I have high demands for My mansion.

The house

My Living & Private Area’s

I cherish the area’s where I can retreat, receive friends and family, and where I am served by My living-in slaves.

  • A nice cosy living A well equiped kitchen – I like to cook, but not to clean…
  • Luxury bathroom
  • Spacious bedroom, large walk-in closet and lots of space for My extensive collection of clothes and shoes & boots
  • A sauna

The slaves

Basic accomodation for My living-in slaves

I will maintain one or two slaves that will live 24/7 at My mansion, to serve Me with whatever I need, whenever I need.

  • Simple accomodation for 2 living-in slaves, and for an additional 2 slaves in training
  • Shared: simple bathroom, toilet, basic kitchen
  • Not interfering with My private area’s: I don’t want to see them, unless I summon them.

Indoor bdsm area’s

My Bdsm Play Area’s

I am a creative, sadistic Lady who loves to play with Her slaves and subs. I have a very large collection of toys, furniture and correctional instruments, as well as an extensive wardrobe and collection of shoes & boots.

No Bdsm session with Me is the same.

  • Large play rooms, 200 m2 in total
  • Including throne hall, medical room, dungeon and prison

Outdoor Possibilities

The Garden

For Me, living a Bdsm lifestyle implies that I can play freely outside as well, without concerns of disturbing neighbours or passers-by.

  • Jacuzzi
  • Large garden with complete privacy for outdoor play, including forest and pony play

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast possibilities

I know many other dominant Ladies, from all over the world. I like to travel and visit them, but also I want to host them when they come to visit Me. Next to that, I will offer other dominant Ladies/couples who do not have possibilities to enjoy Bdsm at home the opportunity to visit Me and rent My Bdsm playground.

  • Guesthouse with small kitchen and basic bdsm furniture

I need a proper  car. My current car is okay, but later this year I want to buy a decent German car.
A convertible would be nice…

For My mansion, I want to make a dungeon.
This is the first furniture I want to buy, with full options, a fucking/milking machine etc. Endless possibilities!
It’s a great furniture for lots of pleasure… for Me!

Participate now, join Me and donate!

If you participate for € 2,000 or more, I will invite you for a stay at My mansion once it is ready.
you will serve Me there in total slavery.
I will send you a participation certificate, which is your entry ticket.