Financial Rape 24hrs agreement

Gosh, you are pathetic! Useless and worthless!

I will give you ONLY ONE CHANCE to experience what Financial Rape by Me means. I will enter in a 24hrs agreement with you.

This is how it works.

Step 1: Apply & Pay a Tribute

you pay Me a tribute of € 25 and fill out a form with lots of personal information.
Yes, it will be very personal, and trust Me, with the real financial rape contract I will get much more personal.

Once you have duly signed this form I will send you a task.

Step 2:  Carry out My task & Report back to Me

you have 24 hours to complete My task. It will not be overly complicated, but it will be humiliating, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

you will send Me digital proof of your execution of the task.
If you fail to do so, you will become exposed. I am not joking, I take this very serious! I will not hesitate to expose you and inform people around you.

Step 3: Evaluate

After successfully completing your task you must write a short essay (500-700 words) on how the experience has made you feel.

Address at least the following topics: all the things you would like to do for Me, tasks you would like to perform and things you would like to explore.
you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions (these are not included in the word count). you will return this essay to Me within 48 hours after My task was sent.

The evaluation is mandatory. If you do not return it – or not in time – you will find yourself exposed and ruined.

If your essay is up to My standards I will take the time to reply to some or maybe all of your questions.

Step 4: Make up your mind, loser!

you have seen in a light version what I can do to you. I can do more, much more. Now it’s time to make up your mind and to submit to Me. I know that’s exactly what you are craving for, and you know it too.
So stop dreaming, get down on your knees and submit to Me!

OK, lets get started!

Apply & Pay Me your tribute!

Financial Rape
24hrs Agreement €25,00 EUR
your Reference