My Campaigns

If you’ld rather join My training programs and VIP clubs on the social media platform of your choice, that’s fine with Me.
Here are the campaigns that are available. I will add more soon, so stay tuned!

Anal Training

€ 30,00 ($ 32.06)

Blow-job Training

€ 50,00 ($ 53.43)

Bootsfetish VIP club

€ 25,00 ($ 26.72)

CEI Training

€ 50,00 ($ 53.43)

Cuckolding VIP club

€ 50,00 ($ 53.43)

Faggot Training

€ 50,00 ($ 53.43)

Footfetish VIP club

€ 25,00 ($ 26.72)


€ 70,00 ($ 74.80)

Prices are including VAT, so no extra costs!

How do you want to pay?

Payments are to Digitopress, My neutral company name.

Pay Anonymous You can pay anonymus – except for your accountname on the platform to share the tasks.
This is with credit- or debitcard.
Pay w. Apple, Google or EU You can pay with Apple or Google Pay or with iDEAL or any of the other leading EU payment options or with credit- or debitcard.