Wheel of Misfortune – Adopt My Bill for 1 Month

Spin the Wheel to Adopt My Bill for 1 Month

Spin the wheel, and get My Bill.

The chance for adopting a Bill with value  $100 or more is just 10%!

You have only one chance!

Wax $65
Hair $50
Dentist $70
Car $300
Sport $50
Water $40
Fuel $40
Nails $100
Phone $130
salon $65
Cable $55
Prime $8.99
Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel and adopt My Bill for 1 Month.

The chance for adopting a Bill with value  $100 or more is just 10%!

You can spin the wheel only once, and that's My bill for you.

Send a screenprint of your 'price' and send that to Me.


Send a screenprint of the wheel to Me, together with a photo or video from you carrying out My instruction.
For a video, use WeTransfer.



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