Online Instructions – Advanced

slaves that have followed the first training and completed that to My satisfaction may apply for My advanced training.

Where the first training was usually fun to do, with some instructions perhaps pushing you to your limits, in the advanced training I raise the bar and expect a strict follow up and reporting to Me.

By now you understand that your fun is subject to My pleasure and amusement.

15 Instructions

The advanced training consists of 15 instructions.
you may choose if you want to take one or two months for the training. It means receiving one instruction every 2 days, or two instructions per week.

For now, both the advanced humliation and sissy slut trainings are available, and soon the helpless and erotic advanced trainings will follow.

HumiliationSissy slutHelplessErotic

In this training I will teach you even further how small and piddling you are, and how you can reform your life by making Me – or another Dominant Lady – the center of your existence.

I will push your limits, as only then you will really learn something and will you be able to change your life for the better.

I will teach you to obey instantly, blindly, without hesitation.
Obeying at the snap of My fingers.

Since My first training you’ve got what it takes to be a real sissy slut.

Now I will complete your feminization: you wlll become a lovely little slut where I will be actively looking for the holes…

And… I will send you out…
Scary? Perhaps, but I’ll make it exciting, too. And I’ll make sure it all remains safe.

I will teach you absolute obedience, you will understand that nothing is yours anymore.

you are Mine, and each and every part of your pathetic slavebody belongs to Me! Ans I will (ab)use this mercilessly to My benefit, haha.

you will be completely helpless!

I lov’it! Power and Control are My absolute thrills!!

So, you think sex is important? you are right! But… it is not about the pleasure of the male, but about that of the Female. First Us, and then – may be – you. May be not…

I will teach you to drastically improve your sexual skills in favour of Us, Women, Who pass on life!

you have so much to learn…

Apply Now!