Frequently Asked Questions

Check whether your question has been asked – and answered – before.
If not, contact us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Your Account

You certainly can, and it's the most convenient. Just select the account of your choice.
Your email address will be requested from your social account.
If due to your privacy settings this cannot be obtained, you have to enter your email address manually, as I need your email address to send the confirmation of any purchases you'll do.

Your Membership

You can only be member of one group at a time. Therefore we have also the ALL membership, where you have access to all groups.
If you have a membership and want to upgrade, then it can be upgraded to the ALL membership. You will then have access to all groups.
Upgrade can be done in various ways. For a non-recurring membership:
  • it can be extended for the current period
  • it can be extended with an additional period.
You will receive a payment link with the upgrade value. The upgrade value will be calculated as follows:

(Value ALL membership -/- current membership) / number of days of current period x remaining number of days.

You can send an Upgrade Request from any of the group pages, or through this button.
If you are member of a group and you purchase another membership you will loose your original membership. That's due to technical limitations. Contact us and we will solve this for you.
You have probably already added a membership to your cart, and as you can have only one membership at a time, you are led back to the Home page. Check Your Cart and remove the membership.
In Your Account, chooce Subscriptions. Then press View and next Cancel.
Your membership will remain active until the expiry date.

Thanks for your membership, hope to see you back some day.

Chat with Me

You can create only message to Me. That one message will be the basis for your correspondence with Me. You just add to that exchange of messages, or you reply to My answer.

Doing so helps Me having a view of our correspondence in one place, I don't need to go through a hole bunch of different exchanges of messages.

There may be additional messages in your message box. These are the ones I sent to you, or to a group that you are a member of. You can respond to these messages, I will be the only one who will receive your response.

Hence it is not necessary to delete messages. Just continue on your original message.

Contact us

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