Chat or Cam with Me

Chat or cam with Meyou are allowed to request a chat or webcam session with Me.
(Only with appointment, from Monday – Thursday – 11:00 – 17:00, Amsterdam time)

– 30 minutes: € 30 chat / € 80 cam
– 45 minutes: € 45 chat / € 120 cam
– 60 minutes: € 60 chat / € 160 cam

Do you want to book a webcam session? This is how you do it:

  1. Add Me to Skype :
  2. When I am online you can send Me a message to book.
    (If I am offline that means I am closed / no time).
  3. You tell Me if you want to book 30-60minutes webcam and you pay by Paypal, iDEAL, creditcard or Circlepay.

Booking by email / WhatsApp is NOT possible.

When I am offline on Skype it means that I am closed / busy. I don’t want to receive questions if I can come online.
Respect My free time!

When I am offline, fill out the form below, send me your request, then pay via a link in the email that you’ll receive from Me. I’ll set a timeslot with you.

Payments are safe and reliable, via creditcard, iDEAL, Bancontact, SofortBanking, Bitcoin or Western Union, and in the neutral name of Digitopress.

I don’t use PayPal, as I have had too many bad experiences with them.

My Rules for chatting or camming with Me

  1. Upon confirmation of the payment I will check My availability and I will advise you of the exact time our chat session will start, including the link and instructions for our chat session.
    If your requested dates are not suitable to Me, I will propose other dates and times. In those cases I expect you to be flexible and adapt your agenda as much as possible.
  2. I will communicate the timeslot in GMT.
    It is your responsibility to check your availability in your timezone! You can check it here.
  3. In case you need to postpone our chat or webcam session, you must advise Me at least 2 hours in advance. If you advise Me later than 2 hours prior to our session, I may decide to withdraw our appointment  without rescheduling and without refund.
    No-show = no rescheduling AND no refund!
  4. Be there in time (better: 5 minutes early, waiting for Me on your knees…).
    Be respectful. Be humble. Be a good slave!

I look forward to chatting or camming with you, slave!

Obey Me!
Lady Fabiola Fatale